Thomas Headon Loved A Boy… And We Love Him

I gave it all, he hated that...

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Thomas Headon

The Introduction

So I am unsure how I keep stumbling upon these British artists (it could have something to do with I exclusively follow European blogs but I can’t be sure). I can hear the editors saying “really Dale? Another British singer nobody knows…” and to that I say, well now you do (and you’re still welcome for introducing you to Ruel)

Thomas Hearon was born in London (because of course he was) and moved to Australia (because of course he did) before moving back to London to pursue music. He independently releases music under his label ‘Such a Good Company Limited’.

The Song

Earlier today (on a Wednesday no less…?) Thomas released the song I Loved A Boy and… same honestly. The song kind of goes through the process of new love that has ended quickly (and … same honestly). The track comes in at a disappointing 2 minutes and 25 seconds, but, those 2 minutes and 25 seconds are magical. I love songs where you can hear an accent, and this has it ever so slightly in the “why can’t you…” line in the Chorus’. The song includes the bridge that I have never related to more

Because it’s easy to say ‘it wasn’t right
Can you admit that you wasted my time?

The song also ends with the final lyrics that I’ve never related to more

I loved a boy, he was the one
Thought we would last forever but now we’re done

Well, let me take that back, “Escapism” by Raye includes the line “Just a heart broke b!+#h, high heels six inch, in the back of the nightclub sipping champagne“… but this is a close second.


Will this be the last UK twink I bring to the forefront of this website. Absolutely not. Is this song amazing? Yes and No. I have concerns regarding the lyrical content and of course the length — but it’s a solid effort.

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