Tori Kelly is ‘Missing U’ And We’re Sad About It

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The Introduction

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing on previous friendships, and relationships and really questioning where everything went wrong. Some friends I thought would be around forever, were just gone, on a cold winter night.

Anyway, so as I was strolling past the four new re-records of Taylor Swift, I stumbled upon a new Tori Kelly song called ‘Missing U’, which given my mood seemed right up my alley.

I will preface this article by saying, I’ve heard the name Tori Kelly before, but I couldn’t tell you a single song she has recorded, I know nothing about her past, and all the information presented in this article is the result of a quick internet search!

The Artist

Tori Kelly is a 30-year-old singer from California. She got her start by creating YouTube videos, before auditioning to be on Season 9 of American Idol, where she failed to place in the top 24. This didn’t stop her, and signed to he who shall not be named, and began releasing music through Capital records.

In 2015, Kelly released her debut album ‘Unbreakable Smile’ which includes two singles “Nobody Love” and “Should’ve Been Us”. This album was the peak of her career. She followed the release with the gospel album “Hiding Places” before releasing her coming-of-age third album “Inspired By True Events”. There was a Christmas album and a COVID-Ep (Don’t we all have those), but none garnered the attention of the public quite like her debut. That leads us here, today.

The Song

I have so much respect for individuals who release music because they genuinely want to. This is Tori Kelly, she is an artist because she wants it. Following her dismissal from Capital Records, Kelly signed with Epic Records and Beautiful Mind Records ahead of the release of her fifth studio album. The lead single from this effort is the sultry “Missing U”.

I’m off the Riesling
Out in these streets
Deleting what you meant to me
Then you pop back, back in my mind
I go back in time
It was the perfect night, kissing you
It was raining purple skies in my room
Me and you
I’m missing you, oooh-oh

The entire song reminds me of that good early 2000’s R&B, and the “oooh-oh” bits kind of give me chills.

The Conclusion

Am I now a Tori Kelly fan? It’s too soon to tell, but “Missing U” has most certainly been added to my playlist. I look forward to what her fifth album will bring, and may go back and listen to her older stuff. We’re about the same age, so, we may have things in common, who knows.

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