Troye Sivan announces “Rush”

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Troye Sivan

Oh, my, my, my…

In a string of recent social media posts, Australian LGBT+ Icon Troye Sivan has been teasing his return to music with “Rush”.

Troye Sivan is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actor. He gained popularity through his YouTube channel and gained a significant following. His debut music project is titled “TRXYE” and was released in 2014. In 2015 Sivan released his first album titled “Blue Neighbourhood” and his sophomore release with 2018’s “Bloom”. In 2020 Sivan released the EP “In A Dream” which was released in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, during lockdown.

Sivan stated: “Getting in touch with that kind of boredom again and doing sh** that I would never ever do normally. It hasn’t come to me supernaturally, because such a big part of my process is collaborating with other people. I don’t play an instrument, so though I might write lyrics and melody by myself, I need someone on chords, whether it’s on piano or guitar.”

Sivan knew that the project couldn’t be a studio album because it was too “soon” from his previous album “Bloom” (which he was still touring at the time).

It seems five years following the release of ‘In A Dream” is enough time between releases and TS3 is coming (Well, it’s funny because most people would assume ‘TS3’ is Taylor Swift, and well, she has her third re-record coming out this week… but enough about that).

Heartbeat… racing… my body….

In a recent Instagram post, Sivan stated:

It’s not lost on me that some of you guys have been following along since I was the kid w the stye in my eye in that first video.

Btw —- I didn’t mean to take 5 years to make this album – Bloom tour happened (lmk if you came! 🩵), then I started working on it, then co**big19, then The Idol, and always working on the album in all the moments between… and now here we are. 10 years since I signed my record deal, 5 years since Bloom. Enough excuses now. Enough saying ‘soon’ 🙃 this is for YOU and it starts NOWWWW

Sivan subsequently confirmed his new single ‘Rush‘ will be released on 07/13.

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