Vanda has a “Fairytale” in their head

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VandaVanda has dropped their latest single, “Fairytale,” and the alt-pop song has been stuck in our head since we first heard it. Some of you might remember their single “Indigo” and if you do, I highly encourage you to check out this beautiful addition to a strong catalogue. The ballad is an honest look into their psyche during this time in their life; the chorus is cinematic hosts a melody that gets in your head in a similar way a Taylor Swift song does.

The record is full of live instruments and a gorgeous vocal delivery; one that you can sense that authentic emotion. Essentially, they wonder what most young people do… is this all live has to offer? Could there be something better out there for me? And, the answer is yes; it doesn’t always feel that way.

Was I just lonely
Or was I holding
Onto the maybe
That you once showed me

The songwriting is songwriting. We love to shed a light on LGBTQ+ artist at Ear Worms, the stories and talent that can often be overlooked are sometimes too good to miss. This is one of those times. If you are a fan of strong, soft vocals paired with incredible production you need to check out Vanda.

Fairytale” is the third single off Vanda’s upcoming debut LP, “Sober In Another Life.” Having accumulated over 1.5 million streams, Vanda pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a “pop star.” We cannot wait to see how their career blossoms.

Give the track a listen below.

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