Vanda knows all your favorite colors on “Indigo”

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Indie artist Vanda has released her first single off her forthcoming LP, “Sober In Another Life,” titled “Indigo.” The dreamy-pop track has a hopeful energy to it; talking about the excitement of a new blossoming, albeit long-distance, relationship. The track, written and produced by Vanda, is the perfect introduction into summer, it has that easy-listening vibe.

VandaThe Chicago born artist has been making quite a name for themselves over the past few years. She has gained over 1.5 million streams across all platforms, she has co-written for Lucidious and continues to grow her fanbase. Her aforementioned debut album is expected to be released this July.

Vanda is also apart of the LGBTQ+ community and her love song, Indigo, is a lovely representation of that excitement and energy that we put into blossoming relationships. A lot of people within the community spend a large portion of their adolescence denying themselves the experiences that all their peers are diving into, so when we find someone special it can feel so overwhelming.

I don’t wanna take it there
But I know
All your favorite colors
Black, white, marigold, indigo

It’s really impressive when someone can write the lyrics to a track solo, but to be able to self-produce a track from start to finish is quite a feat. The fact that there was one hand in the pot and this was the outcome proves that Vanda is an artist that you should have on your radar.

Be sure to add “Indigo” to your lo-fi/chill playlists and enjoy the pleasure of finding a new artist who you love :).

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