VIVAS take on “As It Was” by Harry Styles

The band gives the song an Indie-Rock twist

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VIVAS a Sheffield-based indie rock group has released their highly anticipated new single, “As It Was.” The four-piece band made the Harry Styles cover into a rock anthem but kept the original structure of the song. When discussing the song, the band stated: “The final result is something that we are all very proud of and we feel that it is a song that actually fits into the Indie/Alternative Rock genre effortlessly. As the original is so recognizable, people are far more likely to gravitate towards it as it is something they know and can identify with.”

Now, I’m not saying I am the biggest Harry Styles fan in the world (yes, I am), but I also am a huge rock fan. The twist that VIVAS put on “As It Was” immediately made me dance. I was on Zoom with a friend, I can prove it. From the arrangement to the vocals, this song was made for both pop and rock. VIVAS deserves major kudos for their version.


VIVAS is newly formed, but already making moves

Only a year old, VIVAS has already sold out multiple shows at hometown venues; Sheffield’s The Leadmill and Sidney & Matilda. They also played in various other UK cities including Glasgow, Manchester, and Leeds. This summer will be huge for VIVAS as they will perform at The Lytham Festival, supporting two of rock’s biggest bands, Def Leppard and Motley Crue.

“To have Def Leppard’s management reach out to us to see if we would be interested in supporting them and Motley Crue at Lytham Festival, was a real pinch yourself moment – we didn’t believe it at first. I think the question should be ‘what are we not looking forward to most?’ because playing in front of thousands of people doing what we love doing, is something every band in the world wants to be able to do.

It Is something we are so grateful for, especially so early in our career. The biggest motivation for us is to make sure it is not the last time we play in front of thousands of people – so we are making sure that no stone is left unturned so we are fully prepared for the occasion. It is very important that we keep our feet on the ground and not take anything for granted.” – VIVAS

You can catch VIVAS at The Moon in Cardiff, UK on Saturday the 15th of April. If I were in the UK, I would love to be at their show.

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