Will.I.Am and Britney Spears drop “Mind Your Business”

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Britney SpearsBritney Spears (aka The Holy Spearit) sort of returns to the music scene again to bless us all. It’s her first release since her collaboration with Elton John on “Hold Me Closer” back in August 2022.

This time she is teaming with Will.I.Am in a song appropriately called “Mind Your Business.”

Will & Britney have collaborated in the past in several projects. Like their smash collab Scream & Shout in 2012. He also was the executive producer on the Britney Jean album.

Mind Your Business” is a catchy and energetic EDM track that is said to be a leftover from the Britney Jean sessions. It feels like the continuation saga to Scream & Shout but with hints of Womanizer and Piece of me.

The song has very repetitive hooks and fun play on words in the chorus and pre-chorus with Britney’s signature baby voice scattered all over the place. The verses is where the princess of pop truly shines the most delivering in your face rap/singing lyrics. She is joined with Will I AM who contributes some fiery verses as well. The track ends with a very cool choir.

Lyrically the song is about Britney’s relationship with the media and the paparazzi where they constantly scrutinize the pop star’s every move.

Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Where she at?
There she go, there she go, there she go, there she go, there she go
What she do? What she do? What she do? What she do? What she do?

But she is having none of it and tells them to rightfully mind their business. She even threatens the paps she is gonna lash her dogs out on them if they don’t leave her alone.

If they don’t get up out my face, I’ll send the dogs out (Woof)
Five seconds and then the dogs come out (Woof)
You know what happens when the dogs come out
None of your business-ness

Mind your business is nothing groundbreaking. It’s just a mindless fun song that is sure to quench the thirst of the Britney Army for new music. If I had to use a phrase to describe the song it would be “a silly club banger” because it feels childish but I also believe this would fire up the dance-floor.

My only serious complaint is that cover. Where they weirdly photoshopped Britney’s face from over a decade ago on some hot mess futuristic costume. It’s cringy. But hey. I’m gonna mind my own business I guess.

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