Xuavage Love & The Rainbows drop “Pretender”

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Xuavage LoveXuavage Love & The Rainbows have dropped their latest single, “Pretender,” and the rock track has nostalgic feeling mixed with a lot of energy. From the gritty guitars to the powerful vocal delivery, “Pretender” creates one of the most fun listening experiences I’ve had in a while. It’s fresh while also grabbing pieces from the past and adding their own twist to them.

The self-proclaimed eclectic band is made up of the “Florissant & Tasteful” guitar player, Nahuel Franco from Argentina; along with Ian McDaniels, the “Alabama Blessed Badass” bass player; “Producer & Drummer” Daniel Campbell a.k.a “CampbellRambo” and ending with”The OutSpoken Vocalist” Xuavage Love.

Xuavage Love & The Rainbows

Inspired by bands and artists like God creating Life, Freedom, David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Maroon 5, The Rolling Stones, & Sting, The LA based group brings the energy and uniqueness that their inspirations are known for. “Pretender” is a fantastic track, from the production to the mixing — there was an intent and it shows. Speaking on the production, believe it or not the track was actually recorded in their living room; which would explain the “live performance” feeling you get when listening.

When asked to describe the track, the band said;

“The record is about someone in your life that you have the utmost faith for that they will be real, and even through the dirt that you
see you continue to wait for the light to come to the surface. Because that’s an idea of what true love can be.”

While the track is just shy of 2 minutes, it’s one that you leave on repeat and forget that it’s played 20 times.

Pretender” is now available on all DSPs.

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