Your Best Nightmare releases single “Ghost Town Love”

This indie artist is inspired by horror novels - and we are obsessed

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Your Best NightmareYour Best Nightmare (Erin Porter) has released her latest single, Ghost Town Love, and it serves ukulele and horror-inspired themes. The song, and forthcoming EP, is about how far you’d go for love; but not your typical love… Vampire love.

I am a huge fan of horror, so initially when I read the inspiration, I thought we were going to get a Kim Petras “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” vibe, but it was a pleasant surprise to get something unpredictable. The catchy-hooks paired with the confident vocals add to the interesting story told by the lyrics.

Ghosts haunt these streets
And you haunt me
Let’s runaway and start this all over again
Haunt me in this life
And in the next
I want this
I want this ghost town love

When asked to describe what inspired the song and what was it’s meaning, Your Best Nightmare shared;

“Ghost Town Love” is the end of the story. The main character has gone as far as she can, and made a ghost town to keep the one
she loves alive. It’s an ode to the fantasy of running away with the one you love.

Honestly? Very cool. The track was recorded in Nashville with Shannon McArthur and we at Ear Worms are excited to hear how the rest of the EP shapes up and how this story begins. Starting with the ending is a very bold move, naturally that is supposed to be your big climax and reveal.

The track is officially on all DSPS today, so be sure to check this out and add it to your playlists!

Listen Now:

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