Ysabel talks triggers in new single

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We all have a trigger, please stop before I’m bitter, I don’t wanna feel this”

Ysabel has released her new fresh new R&B single titled “Trigger” which is the third offering from her debut album “anxiety is killing my dreams” which continues the story of the grief process and overcoming obstacles in our way! The song was written with pop legend Megan Lara Mae! The track was polished off and produced by Ben Loveland. On

First listen you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t listening to a Mary J Blige song. The captivating lyrics of ‘trigger’ and the smooth vocal delivery gives me something I’ve been searching for in every song I’ve listened to since “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” by MJB herself.

While I get a hint of Mary, a sprinkle of Adele, mixed with some Alicia Keys… Ysabel’s vocal delivery is unique and in this day and age, we don’t see many artists like this come out! It is clear that she has been practicing for this her whole life and in listening to her previous singles “Harmonics” and “At the End” it is clear to me that Ysabel is going places.

I personally love the ability to write about emerging artists for people like Ysabel. In doing some research I came across an old interview Ysabel did in which she states ever so eloquently “The scary part of taking a risk isn’t the first step, but the decision to keep stepping” and this resonates with me!

I am going to keep an eye out for Ysabel’s album (release date to be announced) because I know, based off of this song, that there is a story she is trying to tell, and I am all ears!

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